VW Car Software Org. Teaser Site

  • Role UI/UX Design
  • For Volkswagen AG
  • Date January 2020

Better take a seat, here goes the strangest briefing I had so far:

Create a preliminary teaser website for Volkswagen AG's brand-new Car Software Organisation to get people interest in applying for a job there. But here's the thing, we don't have a corporate design and thus no colors, typo, logo, strategy, text or even a name. Better get going, this thing should launch this week.

I went with a solution that is based on typography, not only because there is just nothing much to go on, but also for flexibility. The design doesn't shove a future corporate design into a corner. There is no color, keeping the brand direction low profile. It is adaptable, yet striking to the viewer.

For added suspense, there is a quick-cut teaser video that plays once you decide to apply for a job. It helps making the connection to Volkswagen and what's to come, while keeping it a teaser.

Decisions were made quickly and this was probably the fastest project I've ever worked on. And it shipped in time.