Opel WLTP & Blue Injection films

  • Role Art Director
  • For Opel
  • Date August 2016
  • Type Film
  • URL bit.ly/2kColLJ

Opel decided to test their new cars using the new WLTP testing procedure to determine vehicle consumption values before it will become the standard in autumn 2017. To educate their customers about WLTP we were tasked to create 3 films highlighting the changes and advantages.

Additionally we created the Blue Injection film for Opels diesel engine exhaust after-treatment tech, that saves fuel while protecting the environment.

I had the opportunity to work with Sehsucht on looks, storyboards, visuals, music, animation and overall direction of the films.

WLTP explained

WLTP vs. NEFC: whats new?

Fuel saving tips

Blue Injection