Unicef Campaigns

  • Role Art Director
  • For Unicef
  • Date July / October 2016
  • Type Key Visual, Campaign
  • URL unicef.de/kindheit


Focusing on children in Syria that are constantly living in fear, Unicef voiced a charity appeal to save them from their cruel surroundings. Following the mantra of “Letzte Chance für eine Kindheit”, I was briefed to compose the key visual for the nationwide campaign.

Portrait format on a display column in Hamburg.

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Letzte Chance für eine Kindheit

I was part of a small team tasked to create a nationwide campaign that focuses on destroyed childhoods in Syria and saving them. By collection charity Unicef helps children in war-torn territories regaining security and education. I took part in logo creation and developing the key visual and overall look.

Campaign Logo

Display Ad

Landingpage as developed by Unicef.

Press release as created by Unicef.